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No wait, the roof is not on anymore at all because we’re having the roof done on the house! A whole crew of guys showed up this morning bright and early and made the house shake with stripping our old roof in a matter of 30 minutes (helps that the house is small!). Either that or we were being attacked because it sure did sound scary.
roofThis project is overdue as we’ve had a minor leak stemming from the chimney area that dribbled water in the garage when it would rain but that should be in the past now. Our old roof was brown town and now that the house is a cheery shade of yellow (even in this morning’s gloom) we decided that a more neutral slate color would be better.

There’s actually one more project going on that will be visible on this part of the house coming soon, any guesses what it might be? Anyone else ever had roof work done and feel like they were being stormed!?