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When my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I bought our house most people thought we were crazy. And maybe we were because we went in not quite knowing what we were in for. But we are both so glad we did it. I told you last week that we were having the roof redone so I thought it would be fun to take a look at how far just the outside of our house has come in the 3.5+ years we’ve owned it.1frontWe took ownership of a pretty neglected property that had been vacant for two years. Despite some minor upkeep, there was very overgrown landscape, peeling paint and more weeds than grass. I hated the hedges you see below (in a pre-us-owning-the-house-Google-picture) so much that I had them partially taken out almost immediately and they were done for soon after.

We were still in full-on working on the house mode when my then-boyfriend popped the question in our dining room and a year after we moved in we were going to have family over to the house and the outside, except for new windows, looked as it does above. Since most work had focused on the inside, we used our first time homebuyer’s credit for a few outside projects, one of which was having the landscape reduced to dirt.

See the solar water heating panels on our roof in the above photo on the left? We have the install papers from the 80s and they were non-functional but stayed there until recently.

Then once we had just dirt, we realized how darn expensive new landscaping is. Oops. So we brought in my dad and step-mom and laid sod. We hired out the house painting and new rain gutters and things were looking good. Everything pretty much stayed like that for a while and we still had some roses to trim two years later.

2frontWe keep most of the landscape in check these days and ultimately removed the rose bush in that strange planter triangle on the left (I have my eye on you, weird planter, your days are numbered…) so that the front of the house finally looked completely cleaned up and groomed. When we got to this stage, all of our neighbors would give us accolades as they walked by. It felt awesome.

The new image of the houseNothing much has changed for a while. We got the trees trimmed last year and I’ve added some plants to that expanse of mulch on the left. But it was time to take care of those solar water heating panels and finally get a new roof so as I mentioned, last Wednesday we got stormed by roofers.

roofAnd by Thursday afternoon they were done and used Friday for final cleanup. Yes, it was very fast!

newroofI mentioned there’s one more project already on the books that we’re tackling this weekend that will improve this view even more and it involves paint. We already powerwashed the whole patio and sidewalk which has made everything so fresh and clean that even our neighbors said something! What do you think of the new roof color? Honestly it doesn’t seem like the biggest change we’ve made but it’s quite a functional one.