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To be perfectly honest, I’m a little kaled out. I’ve made it into (our favorite) soup, frozen it for later, grown it in my garden, made kale salad and even used it as part of my Thanksgiving table adornment among other things. But when you have five more balls of the Serious Eat’s New York Style Pizza Dough after using the first ball for classic pepperoni pizza you get inventive with toppings. And inspired by the Trader Joe’s bag of frozen kale in the freezer and our favorite soup, this beautiful creation came about.
kalesausagepizzaI’ve had successes with Serious Eats recipes in the past (like this pan pizza) and with cooking in my 14-inch cast iron skillet (like this sourdough pizza) so I gave their New York style dough a test. The dough is made in a food processor which makes life so much easier than long kneading times or even using a mixer. The first pizza I made after a 2-hour room temperature rise on the counter with excellent results but this pizza was made after a 2-day ferment in the refrigerator (and it can be fermented up to five days!). I can’t say that I was able to discern a flavor difference between the doughs so if you don’t plan ahead, this is still a great recipe if you can let it rise for at least two hours.

Toppings started with browning minced garlic and red chili pepper flakes in olive oil, caramelizing onions, browning chicken Italian Sausage, and sauteing kale until soft. I assembled the dough on parchment paper while the cast iron pan preheated in my 525-degree oven. Stretched the dough then brushed with the garlicky olive oil (with garlic in it), a light sprinkling of mozzarella, caramelized onions, kale, sausage, a little more mozzarella, Parmesan then threw it in the oven for about 13 minutes. Right when it came off another dusting of Parmesan topped it off.

kalesausagepizza2The verdict? This is one of the best ways to eat kale, hands down. The slight sweetness of the dough and onions with the slightly bitter kale and richness of the sausage and cheese was all I’d ever hoped for. Just a slight kick from the red pepper and toasty garlic pushed thing thing right into my comfort zone. And it has kale so it must be healthy, right? Definitely a keeper.