Turn a coffee table into a bench!
This is one of those projects where I end up asking myself “Why didn’t I do that sooner!?” on multiple occasions. First, this coffee table was rescued by my dad from a neighbor’s discard pile. That was probably at least two years ago. Then, it sat on our side yard housing spiders for a while before I finally was Pinspired to make it into a bench. A bench whose cushion took a year of procrastination for me to complete. The end result though is so totally cute and the whole process was easy so I have no idea why it took so long. If you can get your hands on a coffee table with strong legs, turn it into a bench! You won’t be sorry!
bench1This coffee table works perfect for this because it’s built pretty strong, if you’re going to try this, make sure the bench will be structurally sound for sitting as versus just being a coffee table you’d never sit on. I removed the top of the table and cut out the middle because the edges have a nice bevel to them.

bench2Next I cut the middle out of the table itself and eventually removed those two pieces that were there for the drawers. Those were cut down to size later.

bench3Since this table spent so much time out in the elements it was a little warped and despite measuring, my cuts left a few gaps that would need to be filled. Also, I needed to connect the table back together and make sure it was stable so I used some of the scrap wood that had been cut to reinforce the sides. I just screwed this piece in a few times and it was fine.

bench4The piece on the right below never had to be removed from the table so I only really had to reattach the board that was shortened. I used a few screws for each just in case and you can see all the screws on the sides, below, that attached the two pieces of the table back together.

bench5A few screws here, a few there, piece of cake.

bench6With a few gaps to fill in and those screws to hide, I took out the wood filler and found that apparently in our sometimes damp environment it doesn’t fare so well…

bench7Gross. You are welcome for that image. I used what I could to avoid a trip to the store and tossed it. It got the job done and once it dried I used a sander to go to town on the whole table to rough the surface up a little and sand down the patch. Then I used a spray primer on the table since it previously had no finish. A few light coats on all sides and then I let that dry.

bench8I don’t know where the pictures went but after the primer was dry I did several light coats with a spray paint to get this bad boy all gussied up. But surely you already know how to spray paint if you’ve made it this far!

Next was the cushion. I bought my foam from this site instead of the fabric store since this stuff is made for outdoors and was about the right size. This stuff is not cheap but should last! I took it to my bench and marked where to cut by feeling where the edge of the bench was. An electric knife made this a total breeze to cut.

bench9For this project I purchased outdoor fabric that will last in the sun and elements but to be honest, I usually take the cushion inside when we aren’t using it. You could just as easily use some sort of canvas or heavy material for this project for outside use or something lighter if you’re making an inside cushion. I’m also going to direct anyone who’s attempting this to a better sewing tutorial than I could give here. I simply measured my fabric and sort of went for it.

bench10This method worked fine for me but if you’re concerned about having completely nice sewn edges, you are more particular for me. I was proud of myself for using a fancy stitch on the hemmed edge opening for putting the cushion in (and taking it out so I can wash the cover!).

bench11For my outside bench I needed a way to attach the cushion to the bench so it doesn’t fly away when it’s windy so I used some of the same seam binding that I used on the long sides to make little ties. May not be ideal but it’s very functional for us!

bench12Ultimately this bench is the perfect addition to our outdoor seating and the foam makes it particularly comfortable. I don’t store anything in the drawers currently but it has crossed my mind. This is a great way to repurpose furniture and give it a new life!

bench13It only took a year for me to finally get around to finishing it! Procrastination is a beast. You’ll notice that the spray paint has a few chips and is peeling a bit in some places. Not quite sure what to say about this but presumably because this table has stayed outdoors it’s taking a little bit of a beating from the elements but with the cushion it’s hardly noticeable and if it gets worse I can easily sand and give it a new coat of paint. In the end, I’m so glad I finally finished this project off!