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boxesBoxed up and ready to go over here. Our big move is tomorrow, and yes, we are doing it ourselves (with my dad and step-mom, and sister, and aunt). And a big ol’ rental truck. I’ve been trying not to think about moving out of house #1 yet so it hasn’t really sunken in. Or the fact that house #1 hits the market next weekend.

Meanwhile, house #2 is ready for us to move in. While we originally anticipated getting a few things started with our contractor over there, it is beginning to look like we’re going to have to tackle some bigger things upfront. Which is both good news (woo, getting it done!) and bad news (woo, there goes more money!). If you follow me over on Pinterest you know what I’ve been prowling lately (besides food).

With each visit to the new house I come back with at least a pound of pears so we’ve been working our way through those. If I’ve seen you in the last week, you’ve probably been given pears. Or if I know I’m seeing you soon, I’m giving you pears. And some lucky folks are getting pears AND zucchini! Once we’re settled in I very badly want to make Pear Vanilla Jam because I have so many pears and I think it’s going to make a great Christmas present. Probably ruined that surprise for a few people just now. So… act surprised later. K?

A few more things to throw in boxes and then we will be in our new house tomorrow night! Wish us luck!