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This past weekend we packed up all of our belongings and officially moved into our new house. Our first night at the new place was Saturday after just two trips in this monster truck that my dad rented:
truck1Before I show off the pictures of the new house– luckily I remembered to get some empty house shots before moving– I’d like to wrap up the chapter for this house by showing how it looked when we bought it and how we are now leaving it behind. You can see the before and afters of the front of the house here (even though we subsequently painted the front porch) and some backyard before and afters in my 2nd Housiverssary post. We lived in this house for just shy of four years and made so many wonderful improvements.

Up first: The living room.

BeforeAfter1When we moved in we immediately tore down that awning over the back steps that can sort of be seen in the top picture. The floors were refinished, the walls and ceilings were painted, the fireplace was refinished and now has a gas insert, the wall heater was replaced, a new light fixture was put in the dining space, and all windows in the whole house were replaced.

BeforeAfter2The front door was also replaced later down the line since we hated having a mail slot in our door. The big mirror over the fireplace was taken down and sold on Craigslist! Once I saw how beautiful the floors were without stain, we opted to go with a clear finish to see the color of the wood throughout the house. A great choice!

The extra bedroom in our house, lovingly referred to as “the yellow room,” was our office and guest room. It was a “grellow” (green +yellow) color when we bought it but was repainted to a true yellow, has more refinished floors, and received a lighting fixture update.

BeforeAfter3Ah, the “master” bedroom. In the front of the house, this bedroom was slightly larger and has two closets. While I’d been jonesing to turn this into one larger closet, we never got around to it before moving. Instead, this room only had new paint, new windows, new floors but not much else.

BeforeAfter4The garage at our old house was meant to be a one car garage but when we moved it it was just full of junk. There was also an upper storage space (that black space in each image) that we used. Our plumbing and electric was redone throughout the house and when that was done we moved the washer/dryer and removed a utility sink. Down the line our water heater was also replaced and a once non-functional door in here was replaced with a functional door. My husband added some shelving on both sides of the garage, some of which isn’t shown below, but allowed me to have way, way too many kitchen gadgets. Thanks, husband!

BeforeAfter5The one and only bathroom in the house was original to the 1947 home and we had it redone as we were moving in. New fixtures, new tile, new cabinet behind the toilet, new window, new ceiling fan thing. The plumbing was replaced throughout the house and we even had our sewage pipe replaced. I did however have a love hate relationship with just about every color I ever painted the bathroom and there were probably about four of them?

BeforeAfter6And last but not least, the crowning jewel of a change in the house (besides the floors): The kitchen. Somehow we lived with the original 1947 kitchen, sans dishwasher for over two years. What you see in the “move in” image below really is what it looked like when we were moving in. We put the refrigerator in that alcove on the right and there was a wall there. When we redid the kitchen, the wall was torn down and space for the refrigerator was made in the garage. This kitchen was very good to us with the updates and I can’t wait to do the same to this new house.

BeforeAfter7There are lots of wonderful memories that we will hold onto from this house. My husband proposing to me in this dining room, hosting our family and friends for barbeques and game nights, our first (and second) Thanksgiving being hosts, and so much more. No one can say we didn’t put blood, sweat and tears into this place, it’s hard to believe we’re not going to be living there anymore. So hard to believe, my husband made this face in our last picture together in the house:

aandcGoodbye old house, we’ll miss you but we’ll never forget you. We can only hope that the new owners love you as much as we did.