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Warm Bed Creative Commons Image courtesy of jbhalper on Flickr

In our house, the seasons officially change when I switch out the light cotton blanket on our bed for a feather duvet. That means it’s fall. When I add the heating blanket and the duvet cover, that’s winter. When the duvet cover comes off but not the heating blanket or the duvet, that’s spring. And eventually I relent with enough prodding from my husband and switch back to the cotton blanket.

Yesterday after I washed the blankets and switched out the light summer blanket for the cozy cooler weather setup, I baked pumpkin cheesecake bars (a recipe I created and will share soon!). Yes, it’s fall. It still can get warm during the day here but the temperature dips at night, the days are shorter and the grape vines in wine country will soon be showing off their colors.

How do you know when the seasons change? I’m hoping it’s not when the Christmas decorations show up in the stores! Is it when you see the first frost or when you bring home the first pumpkin to decorate your stoop? Maybe it’s the first snow to really let you know winter has arrived? Tell me what makes you know that it’s time to embrace the season.