The question everyone has been asking my husband and I lately now that we’ve been in the new house for seven weeks and three days: “How’s the house coming along?” The usual response for most people posed the same question in a new home would be, “Oh, unpacking boxes, painting walls, putting up window treatments and pictures. It’s going great!” But for me it’s been, “Uhh… good?” Not much unpacking, no painting of walls, except for the one window pictured below that didn’t have a window treatment, I haven’t touched the stained cellular blinds and except for a fishy towel holder nothing has been attached to the walls. Here’s our second bedroom/ office today, almost two months after moving in:
For reference, here it is with the staged furniture when we bought it:
9anewhouseWe have the house at a point where it’s relatively functional for us to live in and then we stopped unpacking. Why? We’re working on plans with professionals for a major house change  which is where our budget will be going which means we can’t afford to do some other things or it makes sense to do them once the other construction has been finished. And one of those big things is refinishing all the floors in the house which means at some point the whole house will be repacked and moved out of the way so if we can leave a few already packed boxes untouched, it’s one less we have to pack in a few months. It’s a little frustrating but looking at the silver lining, in a few months the house is going to be transformed! Once that’s done, lookout walls, I’m coming for you with a paint roller in hand!

Also in house related news, we should be closing next week on the old house which will generate a heavy sigh of relief from my husband and I. Having more than one house to worry about isn’t really as fun as you might think. 😉 We’re excited that a young, engaged couple will be buying it as their first home.

I am meeting with our architect this week to finalize house plans and then I may eventually share them. Lately I’ve had a lot of “first world problems” like trying to think of designs and layouts for more than one bathroom all at once. It’s a very exciting process but it’s also very time consuming especially for a novice like me. Any one have any recommendations for working with an architect?

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